Monday, January 17, 2011

Bear Necessitites

Be careful what you wish for. The Pulse Man put the his nickels and dimes on Aaron Rodgers Saturday night and right on queue, the Packers QB ended up "airin" it out (no pun intended) on the Dirty Birds and dropped a 48 on the Georgia Dome scoreboard. Now, what has transpired in the NFC Championship is a game of epic proportions. Not even the gum-flapping, unceremonious squad of Jets in NYC can upstage what's goin' down in Chi-town next Sunday afternoon (In honor of MLK day, I'm randomly peppering this blog with Ebonics). The Bears and the Packers, January, bright lights, Troy Aikman announcing while comparing every minuscule game detail to his own career that ended a decade ago. Is this heaven? No, it's the NFC.

Truth be told, everyone and their brother penciled the Packers in as the NFC representative in Dallas next month, but the only people in Vegas that bet on the Bears to make it to February were a couple of lushes from Lombard who had money to blow after winning a few lucky spins of Roulette. In all fairness to the Pack, they bounced back from losing their starting running back, their freak tight end, a core linebacker and countless others, so there stock dropped lower than Liz Claiborne Inc. at certain spots this year. In fact, Green Bay's training room at the halfway point of the season looked like a scene for Kate Beckinsale's character (Nurse Evelyn Johnson) in Pearl Harbor. In the Bears' case, nobody trusted Cutler to will his team to the NFC title game, even with the cakewalk Seahawks at home in January. At the start of the season, nobody even trusted Cutler to throw a vortex, and now he's the captain of this crew's stunning rise to power this season. Don't uproot the tree before you taste the fruit, amirite?

With all these heartwarming story lines in play this weekend, we must be reminded of certain key points. For instance, either the Packers are going to make the Super Bowl with the Brandon Jackson/James "Don't call me John" Starts platoon in their backfield, or the Bears are going to strut into Dallas Stadium with Hester and Knox as their starting wideouts. Whichever the case, it will undoubtedly be the worst backfield/receiving core in the history of the sport. I'm just glad those geezers from the Visa commercial will be in attendance.

As the bad blood between Bear and Packer fans spreads from Burbank up to Baraboo, west to Lacrosse and down through Lake Villa, I am leaving Chicago Sports Noise as an open forum for people to voice their own opinions throughout the week. You have a prediction? Lay it on me. You have insight into how you think the game is going to play out? Share the word. If you just want to make fun of Wisconsin people for having Madison as their state's mecca, by all means, use this blog as your avenue. To have something posted, just email (this account has never received a non-span email, so needless to say I'm excited), or tweet @frostyaustin (definitely the option most in touch with 2011). And lastly, let us try to keep the vulgarity at a minimum. I mean, come on, it's MLK day.

As for Pick of the Day, the Pulse Man likes the 'Cuse getting 6 at Pitt. Granted, Jamie Dixon's hair defies the laws of modern physics, but Syracuse is making a push at that numba one spot!

Pick of the Day: Syracuse (+6) @ Pitt- SYRACUSE


Now I'm done. Rack me


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